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Our website’s policy on personal data protection on the Internet

By using our website you agree to the terms and conditions for use and protection of personal data (GDPR). This website respects users’ personal data and it bears liability for keeping it confidential.

Types of information that we collect

Our website has different forms like the contact form, registration form and orders form. Through these forms we collect the following information: names, telephone numbers, addresses, emails.

This website uses Cookies. How do Cookies work?

Cookies are small text files, located in the browser directories. They are created by the loading of a particular website. The next time you visit the same website the browser sends the text file to the server of the website. Cookies regulate the manner in which different advertisements and offers pop up, as well as the functioning of the elements of the website.
You can control and/or delete cookies whenever you want. You can manage the cookies through your browser settings.

Who do we share your information with?

We do not share your personal data with third parties.

Collection, processing and transfer of personal data:

Generally you can visit our website without leaving any personal data. Personal data is collected only if you provide it voluntarily, for instance when you make an enquiry through our contact form, when you register in the website, complete delivery information if there is a basket on the website, etc. The information that we collect from users is used only and solely for the purpose of delivering the services we offer or just for providing detailed information to the enquiries for them.

Right to information:

You have the right to request information about the kind of data that is stored about you, the origin of this data, its recipient, and the purpose of storing this data. Our team will provide you with this information. In addition, you have the right your personal data to be modified, blocked and deleted in accordance with the regulations.

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