Best tips for winning at online poker

Welcome to our poker site. Here we will try to introduce you to the world of one of the most interesting and funny games developed by man. At first we will start with the wrong idea of most people about the game. I guess that you have heard quite a few times different people making negative statements about poker. Don’t get it wrong – I will only tell you that in 2010 poker was officially declared to be a mind sport, i. e. it is a game such as chess and bridge.

The Bulgarian Federation of Tournament Poker has also been officially accepted as a member of the International Poker Federation and I can proudly share with you that the Bulgarian players are among the best in the world of poker. I will just give you an example with Simeon Naydenov who in 2013 won $ 326 000 from the World Series of Poker.
Nowadays life is hard and for the better part of our population poker is a chance for many young and old men and women, a chance with which if you know what to do and if you want it so much, you can live as a king or at least you can win a dollar or two. Today poker has a great number of varieties and probably one of the most popular (most played) games is No-limit holdem. Learn how to play poker, don’t consider the game as something of which you have heard anywhere, develop your skills, win and enjoy the game. Consider poker as an opportunity that can be beneficial and after a while when you learn to play fairly well, you will say it’s great to play, I should have learned earlier. What is important to know here is that if you want to play from Bulgaria it is good to know which poker houses have a licence for our country in order to avoid problems. Even if you are not in our country, it will be good for you if you know the statutory regulations about gambling in the respective country of stay.

Answering the question “what is Pokerstars” is very simple: This is the biggest online poker house in the world! It was established in 2001 and has a licence for Bulgaria, i. e. playing poker and others is completely legal for players from Bulgaria. The website has taken care of all their customers, even of the most inexperienced; or of their professional players to improve their skills in online poker to perfection, therefore you should learn how to play poker from the best in that branch.

In the poker house you can find the greatest variety of poker games, such as Texas Holdem, Omaha, Stud, 5 Card draw and many others, as well as casino games and online casino. The players in the house can choose the betting limits on their own and they range from $0,01/$0,02 to $1000/$2000. No matter if you will take part in the tournament tables or in the cash games, you can meet the stars of the team such as Daniel Negreanu, Liv Boeree, Chris Moneymaker, etc. and you can have the chance to play against them. Their casino bonus is 200% to $400 and for poker you can have the incredible 100% to $600 rebate for first deposit with code „STARS600”, as well as many other bonuses. Pokerstars has already turned many ordinary players into millionaires and you can be the next. Why not?

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