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Last updated on 20/04/2020

Welcome to our site football tips and predictions here we will try to point you in the right direction, that is, to help you not make mistakes that you later regret or if you can at least minimize them.

I don’t believe that you have come here by chance, most probably you have been searching for new ways to win from online betting. You have come to the right place! The only thing you will need is time, time to look through the tips that I will give on this website.

Here are some tips that I have learned after I have come across them. The most important is that you should never bet amounts that you are not ready to lose! The best advice in my opinion is that you always compare the coefficients in pawnshops. Choose what’s best for you! Why not winning more, if possible? Each serious player doing online bets should have as many accounts open with the licensed bookmakers in the country as possible. It often happens that we cannot find with a given bookmaker the match on which we want to bet or the game we want to play or the coefficient is better on the other website. I personally use all licensed bookmakers in the country every day and I heartily recommend them. You should also go through the betting exchanges, where you can bet against another player. You should take into account the commission which is about 5% in most cases. Don’t bet with a bookmaker only because they are the best or offer the highest coefficients. You should bet only when you make sure that the given coefficient is the best! 

I will continue with a very important tip – don’t bet your money, but invest it. What can you do so that your bets always win? That is very easy and the answer is - it can’t be helped – however good you are, you will always have a score in the column “lost” – that’s inevitable. So what is the conclusion your goal number 1 will be to have more winning bets than losing bets; that’s logical, right? That’s right. And how is this to happen? For that purpose you need some money. It isn’t good if that money is from the family budget or for your bills, etc., that is to say it should be money that you can afford losing. For example, let’s assume that you have gathered EUR 200, what shall you do with it? Of course, you should make a betting bank. What is the most profitable thing you can do with your betting bank? Of course, it is to find a way to increase the amount in that bank, right? Well, the easiest way is to register with one of the licensed bookmakers and take a sign-up bonus.

Sign-up Bonus

All bookmakers give that kind of sign-up bonus for the purpose of attracting customers. Its amount is different with each bookmaker, but all bookmakers require a deposit and particular activities (turn around the funds) before it can be drawn. My tip here is that you make use of all possible versions of these bonuses from the different companies and do not forget that these bonuses have a deadline for realization! Don’t be in a hurry to make accounts with all of them at once. Be smart and make accounts with your correct personal data so that subsequently you could get what you win! In my opinion, the fastest option for turning around the bonus is live betting with small amounts of 2-5% from your bank. Depending on the circumstances and the number of bets placed per day, they can be ready for drawing out within 10 days and for the more experienced players even sooner.

Now I will tell you what I would do with my bank of 200. I will register an account with efbet because I will immediately get 200 more as a bonus, with which I can bet. What’s more, efbet has probably the best and most diverse platform for live bets, and that is not all. They offer some of the best coefficients before the start of matches. It is hardly a coincidence that many people from all over the world bet with them.

What are free bets?
This is bonus money given out by bookmakers for the purpose of aiding your bank. It is in the form of a bonus and in most cases it is given to loyal players, but it can also be in the form of a deposit bonus, that is to say you are to make a certain deposit in order to get it. My advice is, if you are offered such kind of bonus, you should make use of it, that’s money won from nothing.

Not recommended for people under 18 years old! All tips and predictions are only informative.

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